Brushing You Teeth Club

There aren’t many things that most people do no matter age, race, size, beliefs, or nationality, every single day. An anomaly to this concept, however, is the act of brushing your teeth. The brushing of teeth is a universal task. 

In a way, brushing your teeth strings everyone together creating a commonality among us all.

I set up a five-day, intentional tooth brushing club. Members from different walks of life joined in and brushed their teeth every day with a high level of focus. The results were incredible. The effects of this small moment permeated into larger areas of life. This club demonstrated the butterfly effect in action. 

“I definitely feel like I am becoming more conscious throughout my day.”

“I’ve been thinking a lot more about how I can be very distracted in other areas of my life.”

“I do feel as though small actions can create large and rippling effects.”